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These procedures apply to complaints and appeals filed with the International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR) by an organization or individual with respect to participation in its education and credentialing programs.

Complaints and Appeals may be related to one or more of the following areas:

1. Request for corrective action related to the issuance and non-issuance of a certificate
2. Request for reconsideration in the non-issuance of a credential
3. Complaint regarding the course content or materials and its alignment to the marketing materials
4. Complaint regarding the conduct of an ICOR instructor
5. Complaint regarding the ICOR online education program

An individual or organization may file a written complaint by doing the following:

1. Identify specific complaint or appeal
2. Specify facts demonstrating the alleged violation(s).
3. Provide name, address, email of the complainant
4. The complaint or appeal must be submitted in to the following address:
    ICOR, PO Box 1171, Lombard, IL 60148 Attention: Lynnda Nelson
5. Within fourteen (14) business days after receipt of the written complaint or appeal, the ICOR
    Board of Directors or appropriate ICOR Committee shall review the submission and determine
    necessary actions.
6. Upon request, the party or parties submitting the complaint or appeal shall promptly provide to
     ICOR such additional information as ICOR determines is necessary to resolve the complaint
     or appeal.
7. Within sixty (60) days after receipt of the written complaint or appeal, the completion of any
    investigation, receipt of any additional information requested under or receipt of a final report
    from the ICOR representatives, whichever occurs last, the ICOR body shall submit findings
    and recommendations to the ICOR President for a final determination.
8. The ICOR President shall make a final written determination and shall send a copy of such
    determination to each party within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the findings and
    recommendations from the applicable ICOR body.
9. In cases of exceptional circumstances, the time limit established may be extended by the
    ICOR President with respect to a particular complaint or appeal.

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