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   Facility Management Review & Rate the Courses  
Facility management is a discipline that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, places, processes and technology. Facility management addresses the organization’s physical plant assets and the associated infrastructure required to provide a safe, healthy and productive working environment. This includes the planning, selection, design, safety, security, operations and maintenance concerns of primary, alternate and emergency capabilities.

Sustainability has come to the forefront of strategic and operational planning for companies around the world. With energy costs on the rise and the environmental impact of buildings continues to be closely examined by corporations, communities and inhabitants, the bottom line impact of how facilities are built and managed is becoming increasingly critical. Financially, environmentally and socially, adopting sustainable practices makes good business sense.

The discipline of Facility Management addresses the following elements:
1.  Physical security
     a. Design
     b. Asset Protection
     c. Violence Protection
     d. Safety in the Workplace
2.  Data Centers & Critical Environments: Construction, Maintenance, and Management
3.  Facility Management:
     a. Finance
     b. Human and Environmental
     c. Leadership and Management
     d. Operations and Maintenance
     e. Real Estate
     f. Technology

Credentialing Organizations / Certifications

ICOR recognizes the credentials offered by the organizations listed below as valid credentials.  ICOR offers credit for these credentials in the discipline of Facility Management as part of our certification in Organizational Resilience.  To learn more visit:  ICOR Credentialing Program

ICOR Critical Environments Education & Credentialing Program: >click here
• TIFM 1000: Critical Environments Technician Associate (CETa)
• TIFM 2000/3000: Critical Environments Technician (CET) - eLearning & instructor led
• TIFM 4000/5000: Critical Environments Manager (CEM) - eLearning & instructor led
• TIFM 6000: Critical Environments Engineer (CEE)
• TIFM 7000: Critical Environments Auditor (CEA)

Cnet: >click here
• Certified Data Center Design Professional (CDCDP)

Data Center Dynamics: >click here
• Foundations of Mission-Critical Infrastructure

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS): >click here
• CPP: Certified Protection Professional
• PCI:  Professional Certified Investigator
• PSP: Physical Security Professional

International Facility Management Association (IFMA): >click here
• CFM: Certified Facility Manager

EPI: Certified Data Center Certifications: >click here
• CDCE: Certified Data Center Expert
• CDCS: Certified Data Center Specialist
• CDCP: Certified Data Center Professional
• CITM: Certified IT Manager
• CDFOM: Certified Data Center Facility Operations Manager

Professional Development / Courses

ICOR recognizes training offered by other organizations and offers CEU credit toward ICOR certification by the organizations listed below in the discipline of Facility Management.  To learn more visit:  ICOR Credentialing Program

ASIS: >click here

IFMA: >click here

ICOR: >click here

Cnet: >click here

Data Center Dynamics: >click here


Networking Opportunities / Local Chapters

IFMA Chapters: >click here

ASIS Chapters: >click here

AFCOM Chapters:   >click here

7x24 Exchange Chapters:   >click here

ICOR recognizes each of the conferences listed on our Conference Page as eligible for CEU credit for maintaining your ICOR certification.  Some of the conferences included on this page also provide discounts to ICOR members.

Magazines / E-Zines / Periodicals / Discussion Forums

Security Management Online: >click here

Facility Management Journal: >click here

Data Center Management:   >click here

7x24 Exchange Journal:  >click here

Data Center TechTarget:  >click here

ICOR's LinkedIn:  >click here

Ask the Experts

Do you have questions you'd like to ask an expert in the discipline of Facility Management?   ICOR offers free resources via our Experts!  Jim Nelson, President of Business Continuity Services, Inc., is the Discipline Chair for Facility Management.  Contact him at Jim@BusinessContinuitySvcs.com if you have questions! 

For questions on data center management, contact Jim or Edward van Leent our experts in data center facility management.

• Link to the ICOR experts page >click here


Security: >click here

Facility Management: >click here

7x24 Exchange Career Center:  >click here

Useful Links

Security Industry Buyers Guide: >click here

FM Guide Online:
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