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SC Discipline Chair

Richard Sharpe
Richard is the President & CEO of Competitive Logistics LLC. He has served on the Board of Directors for WERC and Georgia Tech’s Executive Masters in International Logistics (EMIL) Program and is a founding member of American Logistics Aid

Prior to Competitive Logistics, Richard was President of CAPS Logistics, Inc.

Richard is a frequent speaker for CSCMP, WERC, IMRA and APICS.
Richard was inducted into the Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni/Engineering Hall of Fame and the Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni of Georgia Institute of Technology.

He also has earned an MS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology as well as a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florida.


   Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation Mgmt. Review & Rate the Courses  
Behind many of the products and services we use every day, ranging from the food we buy in the supermarket to our medicines or the spare parts we need for our car, there is a supply chain. One small failure in the supply chain can have detrimental results for business and, in some cases, the general public.

Logistics has increasingly become a dominant activity in the development of the modern world and in our twentieth century way of life. The effective management of the total supply chain and the risks to the modern supply chain is an essential ingredient for business success as the global market place becomes a reality.

The discipline of Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Management
addresses the following elements:

1. Resource Management
2. Production and Inventory Management
3. Just in Time Principles and Techniques
4. Materials and Operations Management
5. Managing Your Supply Chain Risks
6. The Role of Purchasing, Materials Handling, and Transportation

Credentialing Organizations / Certifications
ICOR recognizes the credentials offered by the organizations listed below as valid credentials.  ICOR offers credit for these credentials in the discipline of Supply Chain Management as part of our certification in Organizational Resilience.  To learn more visit:  ICOR Credentialing Program

ICOR: >click here
• Supply Chain Risk Associate

The Association for Operations Management (APICS): >click here
• CPIM: Certified in Production and Inventory Management
• CSCP: Certified Supply Chain Professional
• CIRM: Certified in Integrated Resource Management

Professional Development / Courses
ICOR recognizes training offered by other organizations and offers CEU credit toward ICOR certification by the organizations listed below in the discipline of Supply Chain Management.  To learn more visit:  ICOR Credentialing Program

ICOR: >click here
• Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
• Improving the Resilience of your Supply Chain

Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP): >click here

APICS: >click here

Supply Chain Education Alliance: >click here

Supply Chain Council: >click here

Networking Opportunities / Local Chapters

APICS: >click here


ICOR recognizes each of the conferences listed on our Conference Page as eligible for CEU credit for maintaining your ICOR certification.  Some of the conferences included on this page also provide discounts to ICOR members.

Magazines / E-Zines / Periodicals / Discussion Forums

Supply Chain Brain: >click here

APICS: >click here

CSCMP: >click here

Ask the Experts
Do you have questions you'd like to ask an expert in the discipline of Social and Personal Resilience?  ICOR offers free resources via our Experts!  Richard Sharpe is the Discipline Chair for SPR and is one of ICOR's experts in Social & Personal Resilience. Contact him at: rsharpe@ci-advantage.com, or through the office at Lynnda@theicor.org if you have questions.

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