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   The ICOR Library  

Welcome to the ICOR Library. The ICOR Library is a members-only benefit. Login is required. If you are an ICOR member, click on a "book" and login. Not a member? Join today!

Want access to the member's library without paying the membership fee? Submit an article or presentation you wrote to the library. If your contribution is accepted you'll be granted access as long as it remains on the site. You are able to remove your contribution anytime you wish by logging in.

Follow these simple instructions to upload your contribution:

  1. Create a free account or login to the library. If you have a login on our credentialing site, this is the same login.
  2. At the top of the page click on Contribute.
  3. Fill out the information about your contribution and hit Upload.
  4. Verify the information for your contribution is correct and click Submit in the "Your contributions" table.
  5. Wait for us to approve or deny your contribution. If it's approved you'll instantly gain access to the library and if it's disapproved we'll let you know why. Either way you'll recieve an email letting you know.

Want to preview the member's library before joining? Use the guest login below to view the presentations the library contains. NOTE: Guest user can't download anything.

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