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Membership with ICOR has its Advantages

ICOR offers its members valuable services to empower you with the skills you need to embed the culture and systems of resilience within your organization.

Members of ICOR learn how to deliberately design resilience into their management of people, places, infrastructure and work processes necessary to meet the challenges of a 21st century world.

Join a Network of Professionals – the ICOR LinkedIn Group

ICOR members come from a wide variety of public and private sectors.  Regardless of where you are based, you are a member of the ICOR global organization.  Your membership with ICOR enables you to share in the collective wisdom of resilience professionals world wide.  Whether you are an executive running a large international organization, an emergency manager responsible for the safety of your local community, a government official, a safety and security manager, an independent consultant, or a vendor, ICOR will provide you with what you need to make your organization and community more resilient and better able to face the challenges the world puts before us. Members of ICOR set the goals and drive the direction of ICOR.  As a member, you help to build a stronger future for yourself, your organization, and the resilience profession. >ICOR LinkedIn Group

Full Access to ICOR Library

ICOR focuses on the nurturing and development of its membership by offering you access to information you could not get anywhere else – research, newsletters, articles, guidelines and standards, presentations, publications, and other relevant works – all centralized in the ICOR members’ only website library.
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Save 10% on Courses
ICOR provides you with professional development, guiding you through the ever-growing maze of courses, seminars and workshops that exist in today’s market. Members of ICOR save 10% on all courses offered by ICOR. For a complete listing of ICOR’s Courses

> Courses Page

Save on Certification Fees
ICOR offers an innovative credentialing strategy that recognizes your existing accomplishments and gives you credit for those credentials within the ICOR program. Because ICOR is the only professional association that brings together all of the disciplines associated with organizational resilience, you will have the opportunity to network with a unique group of thought leaders and like-minded professionals world-wide. Membership with ICOR pays for ICOR’s certification fees. See ICOR’s Certification Program to find out more.

Save on Professional Conferences
ICOR has partnered with conferences that support organizational resilience in order to offer our members reduced costs to attend these conferences. See our conference page to see what conferences you can save money on attending.
>ICOR Conferences

Read the Latest in Resiliency News: The ICORrespondence E-Newsletter

Members will also enjoy the benefit of ICOR’s attendance at conferences throughout the world that support organizational resilience. Read the latest articles and presentations presented at conferences you may not have been able to attend by receiving the monthly ICORrespondence E-Newsletter.
> ICOR Newsletter

Looking for a Job or for an Employee?
The focus of ICOR’s Career Center is on jobs in and around the data center. ICOR’s Career Center supports the professional development of ICOR members and non-members by providing access to job postings and resumes throughout the world. ICOR members save significantly when they are looking for employees and wanting to post job openings for their organization. Post your resume for free and search for a new job! Go to ICOR’s Career Center to find out more!
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How to Join
There are 5 categories for membership with the ICOR:  Charter, General, Corporate, Educational and Student.  Membership cannot transferable from one person to another.  Dues are non-refundable.

For more information, please contact us at:
The International Consortium of Organizational Resilience
email: info@theicor.org
phone: 1-866-765-8321 or +1630-705-0910
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