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Charter Membership
Are you a thought leader with expertise in one or more of the resiliency disciplines? Are you interested in being an active member of ICOR and sharing your expertise with other ICOR members? Is networking a priority for you?

As a Charter Member of ICOR, you have the opportunity to shape the future of organizational resilience around the world. ICOR provides its leaders with the opportunity to direct the future of resilience education by designing and delivering professional development, conducting research, publishing articles, and partnering with colleges and universities to influence curriculum development.

Charter Members are recognized on our Leadership page with a photo, description of their specialty, and links to their email and website. Charter members also have the opportunity to have their presentations, articles, research, and other works posted in our members-only Library.Lastly, Charter Members are received on an invitation-only basis. Charter Members will be invited based upon their experience, knowledge, customer-service orientation, ethics, and their ability to either accomplish a specific objective or ability to be a visionary and thought leader.
$495.00 per year

General Membership
With a General Membership, learn to design resilience into your management of people, places, infrastructure, and work processes necessary to meet the challenges of a 21st century world. ICOR offers its members opportunities for education, professional development, networking, access to research, best practices and experts in the disciplines that support organizational resilience world-wide. Membership with ICOR will help you to achieve your personal career goals.

General members make up the main body of ICOR. Any individual who can confirm his commitment to one or more or the resiliency disciplines is invited to apply for a general ICOR membership.
$195.00 per year

Corporate Membership
The Corporate Membership is ideal for organizations who would like to offer ICOR membership benefits to several of their employees. Corporate members receive six general memberships for the price of five general memberships.

As a corporate member save on services in the ICOR Career Center. Post a job or purchase resumes at as much as 50% savings!
$1000.00 per year

Educational Membership
The educational membership is designed for those individuals who are faculty members of a college/university, or who teach or conduct research in a discipline supporting organizational resilience. ICOR supports research and encourages those people in the educational arena to become members of ICOR as an avenue for publishing their research and instructing for ICOR. An education member receives all of the benefits of a general member – but at a reduced price.
$100.00 per year

Student Membership
ICOR welcomes students as members. Any full-time student at a college / university who studies in a discipline supporting organizational resilience is invited to apply for a student membership. This membership provides the student with all the benefits of a general membership at a reduced price as long as they remain full-time students.
$50.00 per year

All membership, certification fees and book sales are final.
For more information, please contact us at:
The International Consortium of Organizational Resilience
email: info@theicor.org
phone: 1-866-765-8321 or +1630-705-0910
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