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BCM4055 - Elearning

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3 BCMM 4055 by lisetrudel
4/18/2012 2:47:30 PM

Pros: With Virtual's "Cross-Walk" doc**ent and ICOR's "Standards Cross Mapping" the presentation/handout was instructive and helped me understand how to use BCMM level 4 to a**ess compliance to standards.

Cons: Course directions state link to BS25999: not true. Stds Cross Mapping unreadable/unusable. Link to "BCMM Ver 1.5" but current version with standards compliance is Ver 2.0. Master questionnire not equal to actual online questionnaire (inconsistent in Scoring & Audit proofs). Difficult to cross-reference Virtual's "Cross-Walk" and questionnaire and ICOR's "Cross Mapping". The course itself didn't help clarify. 3 stds logos BSI, ASIS & NFPA showing which stds require items = confusing placement on slides.

Other Thoughts: Price different in promo announcement + email. No prior indication that additional cost to get BS25999. Recommend way to allow trainee to verify internet connection (req deactivate popup blocker) before starting exam. Technical errors when launching and terminating exam. For non-US citizens "Public Law 110-53" is not evident as PS-Prep. Slide 54 "impact ON regional economy" Why can't I use my course login/pa**word to create this review instead of registering again?

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