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SCRM2000 - eLearning

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5 SCRM2000 Review by Andrew by AndrewLWLee
11/17/2012 7:31:17 AM

Pros: The combination of a voice-over powerpoint presentation plus additional reading materials plus an online discussion is certainly an excellent teaching platform. The choice of a written discussion over a specific time-window offers two huge advantages 1. Participants from locations in the Asian and European time-zones can join in the discussion and not have to stay up late into the wee hours of the morning if discussions were conducted over live chats. 2. Because the discussions are in the written format and not oral, those participants whose first language is not English will not be handicapped and they can write freely at their own pace.

Cons: There seemed to be a disconnect between the participant and the instructor. There were occasions when I had posted comments and I did not receive any feedback from the instructor and this prompted me to think that either my comments were way over the top or that I had completely missed the point. I feel that the instructor should be more engaging with his/her feedback and within a shorter time frame.

Other Thoughts: I agree with the other reviewer that a two-week window may be too short in view of the amount of reading materials given and the fact that most participants would be holding down a regular job and probably only have time after hours to complete the self-study. May I suggest a three-week window to help ease the pressure. I believe a short introduction be added to the e-learning module to explain the scoring methodology for the course a**essment. This way, the participant will know that the discussion topics are graded and hence he will be drawn to actively participate in the discussion topics. To promote the scene of urgency for the discussion, it would be useful to set a one-week window for each discussion topic and that there will be overlaps between topics. Currently all the discussion topics remain open throughout the two weeks of the course.

5 COurse review by Hpierpont1
10/15/2012 10:07:27 AM

Pros: The course content was great. The videos by a leading pract**ioner were very informative. The reading material was extensive, timely and topical. The ability to read what others students had experienced made the course even more interesting. The fact that I could log on at any time of the night or day and be able to review new posting and add comments is a real plus. When you take a course like this you begin to see the world through a very different set of eyes.

Cons: The ability to have a rapid fire positive dialog is an issue with any type of on line course. This can also be considered refreshing in this time of instant social media. There is a need for a topic where we could load links to articles we find in doing research or new items of interest.

Other Thoughts: I would like to take more courses in this field.

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5 SCRM 2000 by asawchak
6/14/2010 8:14:57 AM

Pros: The course content and reading material were excellent. I liked the mixed approach between presentations, articles, discussion and essays.

Cons: While I liked the discussions, the delays between responses and instructor feedback made them seem disjointed and perhaps not as effective as they could be. Some of this perception may have resulted because of the problem with the course server. While realizing that the participants schedules vary, consideration should be given to requiring at least one "live" chat discussion. Also, the original schedule of only two weeks to complete the entire course seems too compressed and should be extended to at least 3 weeks.

Other Thoughts: I hope to take the other supply chaiin courses.

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