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   The ICOR ISO 22301 Self-Declaration of Conformity Information  

Process for Self-Declaration of Conformity to ISO 22301

In Support of the US Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep™)
Accreditation and Certification Program, the Verification of Self-Declaration of Conformity Process, & ISO 22301 Third-Party Certification

Self-declaration of conformity means that an organization issues a statement based on its own determination that upon review of its management system it has met all the specified requirements in ISO 22301.

Rather than seeking formal third-party assistance to prove it, the organization is retaining the responsibility for testing.   The burden of proof that the organization has met all the requirements of ISO 22301 remains on the organization.

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The self-declaration process consists of the following activities:

ICOR ISO 22301 Maturity Model Self-Assessment

The ISO 22301 Maturity Model can be purchased separately or as part of the application for $995.00 USD – Purchase ISO 22301 Maturity Model separately  Note that ICOR will only verify the self-declaration if the online application is completed.  Verification will not be provided for submission of the Maturity Model alone.

Submission of the Self-Declaration Online Application & Payment of Fee

The $2,495.00 application fee includes an electronic copy of the ISO 22301 Maturity Model, access to the online application, the auditor report supplied within 30 days of the application submission, the ICOR certificate verifying the self-declaration of conformity, the use of the ICOR Verification Logo, and the listing of the organization in ICOR’s Directory of Verified Self-Declarations of Conformity to ISO 22301. ANAB's website & other Accreditation Bodies globally will link to the ICOR Directory. The ICOR Verification of Conformity is valid for 3 years of the date awarded.

  1. The ISO 22301 Maturity Model may be purchased independently for $995.00 USD.
  2. The ISO 22301 Maturity Model & Application may be purchased together for $2,495.00 USD.
  3. ICOR members save $10-20% depending on membership level. Savings are automatic.

ISO 22301 Auditor Review: A review of the application and submitted documentation by at least one ISO 22301 Lead Auditor (Competency verified by ICOR, BSI, or PECB as organizations that provide auditor education and credentialing programs.)

Contributors to the development of this process include representatives from the following organizations:

  • ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB)
  • Emergency Management Accreditation Board (EMAP)
  • Certifying Bodies:  NQA-USA, Orion, and BSI

Questions?  Contact ICOR by phone at +1630.705.0910, toll free North America 866.765.8321, or by email at ISO22301@theicor.org.

There are 3 diferent ways to pay:

For more information, please contact us at:
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