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What is ICOR?
As our name specifies, ICOR is a not-for-profit education and credentialing consortium that provides professional development, certification, thought-leadership, and the latest in research and industry trends to professionals in the disciplines associated with organizational resilience. Truly an international organization, ICOR’s founding members come from the United States, Thailand, Australia, and Malaysia. This international membership of professionals draws from many disciplines, literally around the world, and has given ICOR a distinctive organizational culture – one that values diversity, innovation and adherence to the high standards of professional conduct.

What is ICOR’s vision?

As a vendor neutral, not-for-profit organization, ICOR seeks to empower professionals with the skills that will allow them to embed the culture and systems of resilience within their organizations.

What is ICOR’s mission?

ICOR’s mission is to enable organizations across the globe to understand all of the elements that must be considered in order to develop a comprehensive, holistic management program to address resiliency.

Why was it founded?
ICOR was founded to meet the growing market need for a single source of access to organizational resilience education and credentialing expertise that is easily accessible and usable.

What makes ICOR different from other organizations?

Multi-disciplined. The current state of the disciplines associated with organizational resilience is highly fragmented. This outdated view of providing organizational resilience services no longer addresses today’s reality which requires that organizations embed a culture of resilience and develop a comprehensive program that positions them to face the challenges the world puts before us. These are the forces that gave rise to the need for an integrating organization - ICOR.

To see ICOR’s ten disciplines that support organizational resilience - click here.

In addition to operating independently of each other, each discipline has its own professional associations, credentialing requirements, and education programs. ICOR is a multi-disciplined organization that reaches across the narrow silos that have developed in these areas and provides a single forum in which the diverse groups involved with the issue of resiliency can come together on an equal footing to discuss, debate and learn from each other.

Service focused:

ICOR offers a service-focused resource for those professionals that are currently active in the related disciplines of organizational resilience as well as individuals who will be entering this marketplace in the future.

Recognized world-wide credentialing standards:

ICOR will be a driving force in establishing recognized standards for highly-qualified and credentialed professionals encompassing all disciplines associated with this important industry. ICOR recognizes existing organizations, their standards, and credentials and gives members credit for their credentials, experience and education within the ICOR program. We do this by drawing on the diversity and expertise of industry leaders to properly evaluate existing certifications, to establish cross-discipline equivalencies, and create consistent and legitimate credentialing criteria that all can trust as fair and accurate. No other organization is even looking at this challenging task!

Education and professional development:
ICOR has declared education and professional development as areas of critical focus for the consortium. In furtherance of this part of the group’s mission, ICOR is working to create a multi-discipline curriculum supported by courseware that delivers operationally useful resiliency knowledge. All ICOR-sponsored or endorsed courses are reviewed by a cross-functional team of education evaluators whose focus is on ensuring that the material is relevant and applicable. Our educational advisors understand that the information ICOR passes on to members will help save lives and preserve property. This serious responsibility imposes a discipline on the review teams who work hard to filter out extraneous or untested practices. In addition, because ICOR’s approach to education is based on a respectful appreciation and understanding of what already exists, our material is designed to fill the gaps left by other curriculum and create knowledge bridges between practice fields. Only by providing a forum where the best practices of the ten core disciplines are discussed, critiqued and synthesized into actionable plans can we hope to build resilient organizations and communities. top

Personalized career counseling:
Career development is a prime concern of many of our members. Anyone joining ICOR has access to personalized career counseling services that provide members with career-pathing and education alternatives. With a unique and wide-ranging perspective on the issue of operational resiliency, ICOR is uniquely positioned to provide advice and counsel on how to advance in this general field of endeavor.

Are you competing with existing organizations that provide education and credentialing?

Absolutely not! ICOR believes that resilient organizations can only be created by building on the information and expertise of many fields. Organizations currently supporting organizational resilience do an excellent job of advancing the knowledge of their particular disciplines and represent a vitally important way for interested individuals to gain deep understanding of an area. ICOR is a place of fusion! It provides a venue for people with diverse and diverging beliefs to meet, discuss, teach and learn about each other’s perspective. As such, ICOR is positioned as a supplemental resource that facilitates a member’s ability to draw on information from many areas. ICOR is in active discussions with many private, public and non-profit organizations and none of them see our mission as overlapping with theirs!

Does ICOR maintain relationships with any vendors?

The heart of ICOR is its membership, and the members are all subject matter experts in one or more of the ten areas of professional practice we have defined as forming the concept of resiliency. Because the members are true experts, they have extensive knowledge of all of the leading products in their fields. In fact, many ICOR members work for various vendors. However, ICOR does not have a preferential relationship with any vendor and its services are available to all companies without prejudice or favoritism.

What types of membership does ICOR offer?
There are 5 membership levels that have been created to meet the needs expressed by professionals in the field and by current practices of membership-driven organizations around the world.

General members
make up the main body of ICOR. Any individual who can confirm his/her commitment to one or more of the resiliency disciplines is invited to apply for a general ICOR membership. Annual dues are $195.00

Charter members
will be invited based upon their experience, knowledge, customer-service orientation, ethics, and their ability to either accomplish a specific objective or ability to be a visionary thought leader. Annual dues are $495.00

Corporate membership
is available to any corporation or organization provided that the individual representatives are salaried employees of the organization requesting membership. Membership includes 6 employees to receive full general membership benefits. Annual dues are $1000.00

Educational membership is open to any individual who is a faculty member at a college/university, teaches in a discipline supporting organizational resilience or chairs a department that offers a discipline supporting organizational resilience as their primary focus. Annual dues are $100.00

Student members
are any full-time students at a college or university who are studying in a discipline that supports organizational resilience. Annual dues are $50.00.

What value do I get from an ICOR membership?
What better investment can you make than in yourself? ICOR helps you to maximize that investment to return maximum value to your career, your employer, yourself and your family and your community.

Membership with ICOR will give you access to information you could not get anywhere else – presentations, research, publications, and other relevant works – all centralized in the ICOR members’ only website library.

ICOR will provide you with professional development, guiding you through the ever-growing maze of courses, seminars and workshops that exist in today’s market.

ICOR offers an innovative credentialing strategy that recognizes your existing accomplishments and gives you credit for those credentials within the ICOR program.

ICOR provides the opportunity to contribute and be recognized in your profession.

ICOR provides the opportunity to network and meet other extraordinary people just like you.

ICOR provides the opportunity to have a voice in the direction and issues impacting your profession.

Who are your members?
ICOR members are a part of an international group of like-minded professionals representing all disciplines associated with organizational resilience. ICOR is not an elitist organization. The ICOR model, vision, and approach are inclusive and look to provide professional development for all who are committed to the field of organizational resilience – from the seasoned veteran to the college student just starting out. ICOR leadership is a unique group of industry leaders representing a wide variety of resilience disciplines, real-world work and educational experience. ICOR members come from both the public and private sectors around the world. ICOR members bring to the membership the point of view of academics, human resource managers, practicing psychologists and counselors, regulatory compliance experts, trainers, and a host of other subject matter experts (SMEs).

How will being an ICOR member help me in my career?

As an ICOR member, you will have the opportunity to complete a member profile to provide data on your work experience, education, credentials, professional contribution and thought leadership. An ICOR career counselor will then evaluate your status and assist you in developing future career-pathing alternatives. ICOR career counselors guide members through educational programs in one or more disciplines supporting organizational resilience that keep them on track to meet personal career goals.

Why should I pay dues to ICOR for information I could get on the internet for free?

ICOR saves its members valuable time by continuously monitoring the global marketplace to identify changes as they occur and provides members with the latest information available anywhere. The ICOR Resilient Library provides thought leadership, research, expert speakers and a knowledge repository designed to meet the unique needs of organizational resilience professionals. Members have access to ICOR’s members-only Website – a comprehensive resource that includes the latest tools and forms available, as well as a host of white papers, articles, publications, and much more. Members benefit from ICOR’s partnership with universities and corporations conducting research and developing strategies in the area of organizational resilience. ICORrespondence, the ICOR e-bulletin, keeps its members apprised of current information and activities not only within ICOR, but in the world of organizational resilience.

What opportunities are there for ICOR members who want to get involved?

Members drive ICOR. They set the goals and direction of the consortium. ICOR’s Resiliency Home Office provides opportunities for members to become leaders, whether as members of a board or committee, as sponsors, or as an affiliate organization. Volunteer opportunities exist for new as well as long-standing members. Members who are not “joiners” have opportunities to be involved by reading the ICORrespondence, visiting our website, attending classes, participating in blogs, or calling us when they have specific needs.

How does being an ICOR member put me at an advantage over those who aren’t members.

Because ICOR is the only professional association that brings together all of the disciplines associated with organizational resilience, you will have the opportunity to network with unique group of thought leaders and like-minded professionals world wide.  ICOR members have the advantage of being able to access information, education, and resources that cross all disciplines – you don’t have to reach out to a number of sources to get all the information you need.

Tell me about your education program.

The ICOR Resilient University offers on-going professional development, education and training which focuses on the nurturing and development of its membership. Education and training is available in a variety of venues include elearning, workshops, classes and conferences. ICOR continually monitors its professional development curriculum to ensure the quality and content of its courses. ICOR’s instructional designers can customize curriculum to address specific needs and trends. ICOR cooperates with colleges and universities. Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) offer informal education through one-on-one interaction with members who share the same interests and face similar challenges.

How does ICOR relate to other various educational institutions?
ICOR is not so much an education institution as it is an information exchange. While ICOR is working with a number of licensed schools, colleges, universities and training organizations, its focus is on providing a useful cross-disciple curriculum, supplemental training materials and most importantly – a framework for educating resiliency experts. Many organizations have accepted ICOR’s recommendations and are re-vamping their current offerings.

Will my organization grant CEUs for ICOR courses?

ICOR will be happy to discuss the CEU process with any organization.
In today's marketplace, success is determined by effective relationship building. The success of businesses that provide products and services within the organizational resilience market is dependent upon establishing a visible and credible presence from which to build relationships. ICOR provides its Sponsors with opportunities to establish professional relationships with the decision-makers in these organizations, create valuable contacts, and provide greater visibility for their companies. Corporate Sponsorship with ICOR provides companies and organizations the opportunity to use ICOR programs or ICOR communications channels to provide educational or business services to ICOR customers and members. These relationships also involve cooperative programs of cross-promotion with print, broadcast or electronic organizations. top

Sponsorships fall into four broad categories:

Strategic Sponsorship
The Strategic Sponsorship provides maximum exposure for a company seeking to align itself with ICOR. With extensive overall promotional rights and benefits, unique exposure at signature events, and exclusive access to our members, the strategic sponsorship helps you achieve marketing objectives while maintaining a unique relationship with ICOR members and the resilience community as a whole.

Professional Development Sponsor
A very exclusive and highly visible sponsorship is available to ICOR’s Professional Development Sponsor. There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available through ICOR’s educational events and elearning. Each package is customized to give the Professional Development Sponsor extensive exposure.

ICORrespondence Sponsor

ICORrespondence is the weekly enewsletter blast sent to ICOR’s members. Sponsor companies are recognized at the start of the enewsletter, along with a 50–75 word "About Our Sponsor" paragraph near the end. Your company’s banner or logo and marketing message will stand out at the top of each issue of ICORrespondence. Your company will be the sole sponsor of each issue. top

The ICOR Website Sponsor

ICOR offers opportunities for sponsorship on our website. The website provides exposure to a variety of markets both domestically and internationally. We invite you to grow with us! ICOR Partners have established relationships with ICOR that provide a variety of reciprocal benefits to each other's members. These include:
- Preferred pricing on programs
- Access to professional development and education programs
- Reciprocal credentialing agreements
- Influence on the strategic direction of ICOR
- Exchange of editorial and research material
- Development of joint programs ICOR will work proactively to collaborate and establish working relationships with partner organizations to provide the highest quality service and experiences for its members.

These arrangements fall into six broad categories: Non-Profit Association Memberships:
These occur in which ICOR and other nonprofit associations offer a variety of benefits to each others’ members including preferred pricing on programs, access to professional development, access to business information, exchange of editorial material, and development of joint programs.

Professional Partnerships:

Relationships designed to bring the advantages of ICOR’s education and training program to underserved populations and nonprofits worldwide.

Education Partnerships:

University Partners offer the opportunity for colleges and universities to collaborate and bring superior training and education to local communities via programs in continuing education, professional and workforce development, and business and industry training. With a minimum of effort, your school can partner with ICOR to offer students and corporate clients both degree and non-degree programs, an ICOR credential, and valuable continuing education units. ICOR provides the program design and course materials, including case studies and testing materials. The University makes all academic, administrative, marketing, and scheduling decisions.

Educational Affiliates:

Relationships designed to bring education and training opportunities offered in many areas under the ICOR umbrella. If your organization offers training and / or credentialing in a discipline that supports organizational resilience, ICOR can provide you with a market for your courses and an opportunity for an ICOR credential for your members.

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs):

Regional user groups in the disciplines that support organizational resilience. They provide an opportunity for partnering at an academic and membership level. Similar to the other partnership opportunities, SIGs offer a variety of benefits to each others’ members including preferred pricing on programs, access to professional development, access to business information, exchange of editorial material, and development of joint programs.

Member Resources:

Offer resiliency management and career development products and resources to ICOR members.

Media Partnerships:
Involving cooperative programs of cross-promotion with print, broadcast, or electronic organizations.

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